Civil War isn’t a Toy

It’s been popping up more and more . . . little side comments and terrifying innuendo: CIVIL WAR

We’re all weary. Anyone that doesn’t feel a bit tapped isn’t operating in full human capacity as far as I’m concerned. This has been an exhausting year like few, if any, we’ve seen in our lifetime. I call it death by a thousand drips. All day, every day, drip . . . drip . . . drip.

Another COVID news release.

Another political firebomb.

Another business closure.

Another race issue.

Drip . . . drip . . . drip.

But no solutions. No unity. No peace. The culture has settled into primal urges and cathartic release. Tribes are becoming more defined as are their belief systems. But it’s not happening in ways that lift us all up or bring enlightenment.

It’s pitch forks and fire. Guns and slogans. Broken windows and tears.

And I get it. So many political, financial and health issues have collided at once causing a stew of heart burn and turmoil. I can understand how we got here but I’m having a really hard time with easing the words, “civil war”, into the discussion. Some post as if they’re eager to hear the first shot. Others mention in resignation, as if all hope is lost and violence is the only possible outcome. Everyday, I see it.

But I believe we all must put it aside just like the word divorce in my house. It’s not used. It’s the nuclear option that’s only outcome is mutually assured destruction. And what good does that do? It sucks the energy from the room and fills it with emotional cancer.

The divide between people and political party isn’t made up of this huge, impassable chasm that we’ve created. Our perception of the “ruining of America” by the opposing party is just that: perception. It’s not reality. We don’t find ourselves in the 1860’s again when people were in shackles. Sure, you can argue that there are growing invisible shackles due to race, religion or gender but are they without solution? Are they without compromise? Is the only way to a better future via the annexation of those we disagree with, at the very least, or literally killing some of our fellow Americans at the worst?

Because, as my sister said often to my dad as a teenager, I don’t accept those two options. They make zero sense! I would never condone nor act in a way that takes the life or even threatens to take the life of a fellow American due to domestic policy. We have raised the flag of the value of life so high during COVID but out of the other side of our mouth we spew sentiment that sounds a lot like many would have no problem if half the US disappeared. Over what? Higher taxes? Medicare? A wall on the border of Mexico? A supreme court justice nominee? What?!?!?

THAT is unAmerican and delusional. We are suffering from great Delusion due to the rhetoric, time and leadership we now live under. But all it takes is doing some solid self inventory and committing to someone that steadies the ship. I can’t imagine there’s many, with the exception of the tiny fraction of zealots (that have always been around), that believe deep down that the loss of life is the road to freedom . . . which WE CAN’T EVEN DEFINE currently! We’re so upside down in thought, that many formerly level headed people are now lost in their rage of the right or left. The rage has seeded misplaced justification and urgency that allow thoughts to creep in. These thoughts are no less warranted nor valuable than in any other traumatic situation.

What are first responders trained to due and say when they arrive on a scene? Stay calm. No proper action during a crisis can be executed properly without staying calm. STAY CALM America!

Start dropping the words “civil war” from your vocabulary. It is NOT the solution. It is NOT fighting for your freedom. It is NOT what the founders would want. It is delusion fueled by emotion and provocation. Either we are about preserving our republic, made up of a great number of people of different backgrounds and beliefs, and the processes that it operates on, adjusting legislation as we go, living slightly more/less comfortable depending on who is in leadership, or we willfully help unravel it for reasons we don’t understand or costs we’re not ready to make. We have the tools to fix it or the weapons to destroy. It’s truly up to us.

Look at your neighbor. Envision them the opposite political party. Would you pull the trigger? God, I hope not . . . and hopefully you’d grab the gun from any hand that would or stand in the way.

My business is coffee. My calling is people.