Life . . . what is the value?

Sean Scott
3 min readMay 24, 2020


Value of life. What is each one worth? It’s a constant topic of conversation the past 60–90days.

Each person, including myself, whether conscious of decision or not, determines how to value a life. It’s a fundamental question we all need to face at some point and our position is made evident in how we act, vote and purchase. Each decision is ultimately a reflection of our understanding and application of what we value, life included.

What I find very interesting during this time is the massive outcry from many that those who want to re-open the country value lives less. I’ve read extremely vehement condemnation. Friends have blocked other friends. It’s gotten messy . . . quick! Another hot button issue that has exposed our inability to work through tough questions while looking at ourselves in the mirror. I get it! We are talking about how to best protect life! It’s a charged topic- I’ve had to do deep inventory to see the where and why of my own beliefs during this time. It’s not easy.

Why? Because every person values life. There is no doubt about that unless you’re a sociopath. But to what degree is the big question. The equation for the value is where the grey presents in all different shades. We all like to believe we live lives that point towards immense value on our neighbor or family, but do you? Did you recognize their value a year ago? Will you a year from now?

The evidence of our value for life isn’t that easy though. What we say is secondary to how we act. It’s been helpful to ask myself questions like these: Where else are lives being lost? Are you afraid for yourself or do you really care about the well-being of others? How aware are you of the value of life when there is no pandemic? What is your tolerance for life? Are you caring only when it doesn’t affect your daily life or financials? Do you care only when a family member is affected? Do you care only when it’s politically or culturally appropriate? Do you care only when it feels right? Do you care enough to see how daily decisions may be anti-life from a consumer perspective? So many questions to work through that paint a greater picture beyond the current circumstance that may reveal your true heart for life. (I’ve found myself woefully incongruent when processing through these at times.)

Because what American doesn’t want to be known for anything besides a culture that protects the vulnerable? It’s honorable and right! But that position comes at great cost and burden. Because if this pandemic truly makes us a country that values life, how incredibly transformative that would be! If we all looked in the mirror and did full inventory on our choices, our morality and owned our blind spots, we could in fact become a nation that is a champion for life. BUT that would require immense personal & national sacrifice and intention. It would often mean removing comfort and emotion from the picture. It would require less and giving more. It would mean less of you and more of them. It would smell and tire you out. It would break your heart but heal your soul.

Choosing life, at all times, in every circumstance would COST us heavily.

Are we ready for that challenge?

Are we ready to become a nation of people that value life like we claim we do now?



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