You don’t realize you’re living in dysfunction until you’re not, until someone tells you it’s not normal. You step back and see it all for what it is and what you’ve turned into. It’s a shocking look in the mirror when you compare it to pictures of the past. The dark circles and deep lines of stress, so apparent.

The fighting. Constant name calling. Aggression. Blown out egos. Adults acting like children.

We were left to sit, watch and absorb, as the fury grew.

It created national weariness.

A new normal of indecency.

Our adrenal glands, tapped.

Even if you supported one side or the other, I’d say none of us could say it’s been a healthy 4 years for our nation. We’ve all grown accustomed to what we shouldn’t. We’ve become ok with belittling those we disagree with. Dismissing.






The insults roll off our tongues with ease. The desire, due to constant conflict and direction by leadership on both sides, has led to a generation of the reactionist and the misguided. We’ve stunted our ability to converse and disagree. The dysfunction taking root in our own lives whether it’s recognized or not. A great cloud of anger, fear and resentment. Changing us day by day.

As we turn the page, my hope isn’t in policy (never is.) My hope lies in the fire burning out. Removing the cold, wet and heavy blanket that has draped our national shoulders, putting down the weapons and moving in close around the fire. Because as the new Pres elect has said, “We are not a nation of the blue and red. We are all Americans. We don’t have to agree on everything. We must remember that.”

Now that we’ve all been part of the ugly side of national division, it’s time to intentionally shed our vitriol. To own where we may have been wrong in the process. That we learn to step away from the keyboard, armed and ready to lay waste to our fellow Americans, and put the safety back on. Because a house seeded with deep dysfunction only creates future abusive fathers and mothers. Character and integrity are a far second place to domination when your only focus are the targets at the end of your sight. Now is not your time to get even. If that’s your motivation, you’re as guilty as the man you grew to hate the past 4 years. Your sense of justice is skewed and unbalanced.

Your vote was your retribution.

It is done.

I don’t breathe any easier because a Democrat is our President-elect.

I breathe easier because we have new focus.

I breathe easier because he isn’t talking about policy but unity.

I breathe easier because we simply have a fresh start.



I create space and experience…. and write a bit.

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