This is Who I Am

Sean Scott
2 min readMay 28, 2022

The sunlight bids us farewell but this city on a hill still shines

One by one they gather, anticipation grows as a community waits

The light pours through glass pane soaking the soon to be holy ground

They stand, surrounding the strangers that have come

As sound erupts so too does spirit and story

Heaven to Earth in the form of collective song

A tsunami washes over us

It renders me mute

My face covered by hands as if the King has come down

Tears say what my mind cannot find words for

Their bodies in unison with rapturous voice

The rock and sway

The little ones stare, transfixed by the thunder before them

I bend low, letting spirit speak as our eyes meet

In a moment, the Great I Am appears in their face

“This is who I Am . . .”

The glow of Love envelopes each tiny hand and foot

Everything shakes in wonder

Eternity come down to mud and clay

And Everything shakes in wonder

You will find Me here

Between the children

Behind their eyes

In their open palms

This is who I Am

This is who I Am



Sean Scott

I create space and experience…. and write a bit.